Tony Roam Removals

1 - Select a room and add all the items required in your move.

E.g Kitchen

Use the + button to add items.

Use the - button to reduce number of items and remove.

You can move between page and add more items.

If you cannot find an exact item, choose one that is a similar size.

2 - Once all items have been selected, move to the next step.

Click the Next button in the bottom right corner.

You can return to this page to add remove items.

3 - Complete the details form.

You will need to enter your contact details and optionally a message.

Enter if you will be collection or dropping off.

Choose your collection / drop off date.

If some of this information needs to change after the quote, it can be discussed later with your transport company.

Click the Get Quote button below to details form.

4 - Get your quote

You will be shown your quote and total volume.

An email will be sent to your provided email address with your quote details.

Your transport company will also receive a copy of your quote and will be informed if you would like a follow up.

You can choose to get in contact with your transport company via the details in the email.

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